Hyaluronic acid treatment

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the skin (dermis) that helps it stay hydrated. This acid also plays an important role in the cartilages. As we age, the human body produces less hyaluronic acid: the skin becomes thinner and drier, wrinkles appear, the cheekbones and lips lose volume.


Why treat the face with hyaluronic acid?

Fill wrinkles and correct volumes

Hyaluronic acid injection is the ultimate anti-wrinkle treatment in aesthetic medicine. Unlike botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid has no effect on muscles. It is a filling and moisturizing product. It helps maintain skin hydration (thanks to its osmotic properties) and, through its volumizing effect, it helps fill in wrinkles and restore volume to excessively hollow areas of the face.


It has the advantage of offering immediate results that last for months while being absorbable.


In some cases, hyaluronic acid injections improve the result of a cervico-facial lift.


Give radiance to the skin

Small amounts of hyaluronic acid injected into several areas of the face can also brighten a dull, tired complexion by stimulating the production of collagen in the dermis.


From what age can we consider injections?

From the age of 30 or 40, at the first signs of aging or fatigue, injections of hyaluronic acid are possible. Sometimes before your 30s, when it comes to adding volume to thin lips.


Before-after result of an injection of hyaluronic acid for the correction of too thin lips

Before and after result of an injection of hyaluronic acid for the correction of excessively thin upper and lower lips


Another indication: medical rhinoplasty

Hyaluronic acid injections can in some cases reshape an unsightly nose without surgery; this is called medical rhinoplasty. The effect is temporary but immediate, without any surgery and less expensive. Keep in mind that the correction can only be an addition of volume and therefore a prominent bump cannot be corrected.


Before and after results of a medical rhinoplasty by injection of hyaluronic acid in the depressions of the nose

Before and after results of a medical rhinoplasty by injection of hyaluronic acid in the depressions of the nose. The injections make it possible, by adding volume, to relatively correct the conspicuous appearance of a bump.


Where to inject hyaluronic acid, in which areas?

All wrinkles can be treated with hyaluronic acid: expression lines, furrows from the nose to the corners of the mouth, bitterness folds, fine lines… It is also used to redraw the contour of the lips or fill in the hollows of the face. level of cheekbones, dark circles, cheeks, forehead (with the filling of glabellar wrinkles or frown lines), the oval of the face (by filling wrinkles of bitterness) and even filling the hollows caused by chickenpox or acne.


Before and after: injections of hyaluronic acid for nasolabial folds

In humans

Hyaluronic acid injection for treatment of nasolabial folds in a man (teosyal °)

Before-after: injection of hyaluronic acid to treat nasolabial folds wrinkles (Teosyal °)


In women

Treatment of cheeks and filling of nasolabial folds wrinkles (Teosyal °) in a woman

Before-after: treatment of the cheeks and filling of nasolabial folds wrinkles (Teosyal °) which allow natural rejuvenation of the face


Before and after: injections of hyaluronic acid for the lips

Hyaluronic acid injections for the treatment of lip wrinkles (teosyal °)

Before-after: lip wrinkle filling for a rejuvenated contour (Téosyal °)


How much does an injection of hyaluronic acid cost?

Know the price of injections

The price of a hyaluronic acid injection session varies depending on the areas to be treated, the amount of product to use and the nature of the product. Depending on the types of wrinkles or the volumes to be filled, the viscosity of the injected hyaluronic acid gel is different as well as its price. The surgeon evaluates all the parameters during a first consultation during which he offers a quote.


Different costs depending on the sessions

There is often a price difference between a first session of injections and maintenance sessions. Often, when it comes to maintaining a result, the surgeon injects less product. The interview session is less expensive than the first session.


How does a hyaluronic acid injection session work?

Prior consultation

A preliminary consultation is necessary before proceeding to injections. It allows the cosmetic surgeon to take stock of the patient’s history, to carry out a clinical examination in order to assess the areas to be treated and to determine any contraindications.

Result in a few days

The result is visible at the end of the session, it is complete after a few days.

It lasts 6 to 12 months depending on the quality of the skin, age, lifestyle and in particular the amount of product injected.

Are there any side effects or a particular danger?

The unwanted side effects are mild, easy to hide and temporary: redness, slight swelling or bruising sometimes appear during the injection.

As for the possible contraindications, they boil down to a few types of pathological history: in the event of allergies, autoimmune diseases, infectious or inflammatory problems.

A competent surgeon takes the time to check this history in order to offer a safe procedure.